Sun. Jun 26th, 2022

In the past two decades the consumption of hidden sugars has dramatically increased. More and more manufacturers are including this sweet poison as a preservative or flavouring agent in foods. Sugar increases fat, which in turn increases estrogen production.

Eating foods with refined sugar causes the pancreas to produce insulin and can encourage an increase in fat cells and or course weight gain. Fat cells produce the aromatase enzyme and small amounts of estrogen.

Consequently the more fat cells the more estrogen is produced. Too much glucose in the bloodstream also encourages the production of prostaglandin 2(PGE2), the chemical released by the immune system to cause further inflammation in areas where inflammation already exists. Sugar also reduces the amount of beneficial bacteria that live in the gut. As these bacteria are needed to absorb nutrients from food, a diet high in sugar can quickly lead to poor nutrition and hinder the absorption of the minerals and vitamins that are needed for a fully functioning hormonal system.